I hope you’re enjoying reading along with us, and if you’re just getting here, you can catch up on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 on the blog! I decided to summarize a little at the bottom of this for my own thoughts, but hopefully it helps you sort out where we are on Day 4, too!

My Desires vs. God’s Desires

If we honestly examine what we want in life, most of our desires are based on ourselves or our family. We all have some shallow desires like more money, a better job, a new house, or vacations. But we also might desire deeper connections with our family members, loyal friendships, the unconditional love of our kids or spouse. Even when the intentions are good, these desires are based on things that we want.

If we honestly examine what God wants, like Jennie talks about on Day 4, we know that He wants us. And He wants us to “put His glory on display.”

I thought a lot about what this means after I read this. I thought about the desires of my own heart and how they stand up against this, and what I realized is that God isn’t asking us to not desire the love of our family or deep connections with our friends and loved ones. He is asking that when we seek those things, we do so to glorify Him. We bring our family and friends to God. We act as the hands and feet of Jesus for family members who need us. We take our desires and we turn them on their heads, re-evaluate them, and recreate them for God.

If we are going to pray “anything” like we have talked about for the last few days, then we have to be ready to take our worldly desires and our self-centered desires and shift them. If we put the glory of God on display in our lives, how will other people be able to deny that they, too, want to live like that? How will they deny a curiosity to hear about God and learn about Jesus? If we glorify God in everything we do, it is inevitable that we will bring people to Him.

Feet on the Ground

I love when Jennie talks about each day as our feet hit the ground, we are going to move through time and space in our given location and meet the expectations of that place, follow the rules, experience life according to the demands. But when we pray “anything,” she explains, God is asking us to give up that cyclical obedience to the world for a reckless and risky obedience to Him. If we are going to find our purpose, we are going to take big leaps and sometimes make great falls, but we are going to do more than just jump through the hoops and go through the motions, we are going to live.

God Sees You

It can be hard to find your purpose because as humans, we are constantly paying attention to the world around us. What are the trends? Where do I have to be next? What should I be doing? What are people expecting of me? Likes, follows, shares, constant connection. We are doing all of this…for what? To be seen, right? To feel like we matter? But what if all that mattered to us was that God sees us? We matter to God. Instead of trying to fulfill the expectations of the world around us all the time, what if we set our sights on fulfilling the expectations of God? How would that shift our lives and our focus?

If I had all the answers to these questions, that would be great, but just like you, I am exploring them and learning and grappling with these ideas. But I really connected with the idea of letting go of the weight of expectation around me and focusing on the only expectation that actually matters. Am I doing what God is asking of me?

So now what?

Everything that Jennie has written so far has really made me think about and reflect on my own life and purpose. I am starting to really settle into what I believe are my gifts and talents, but I am not sure how I can use them in a way that will feel purposeful or called by God, just yet. If you are still trying to connect all the threads, don’t feel alone, at all!

So far…here is what I have gathered.

God knew our good works before time even began. He already knows what your purpose is. He already knows where He wants to lead you. You just need to listen and have faith.

We can’t figure out what God is calling us to do if we are too busy making our own agenda for our lives and not listening or paying attention to His.

The first step to figuring out where God is calling you is to learn His word. He speaks to us first through scripture and as we get to know scripture, we will be more likely to know where He is calling us.

Figure out what “praying anything” means to you. When you think about risking it all for God, what does that look like?

Praying anything doesn’t have to be anything radical and huge, sometimes it means that you take small, obedient steps in the direction God is calling you.

Just because something doesn’t come simply and easily, doesn’t mean God isn’t it. He didn’t promise everything was going to be easy, He promised that he would walk us through it.

God wants us to let go and lean in. He wants us to take risks and then have faith that he has already planned our steps and he is connecting each thread into a beautiful tapestry, even if we only see the tangles on the back so far.

How can we compel others to come to know Jesus? Even when it’s awkward or unnatural, how can we share our faith with those around us?

We are dominoes. If we live out our God-given purpose in life, our domino will knock down other dominoes and the world will ultimately change by even just our small, obedient steps. We are small, but we are powerful with God.








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