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The Book of 1 Chronicles

The Book of 1 Chronicles tells the story of ancient Israel after the nation had been divided into two kingdoms. Deeply rooted in biblical tradition, this book is filled with accounts of battles, kings, and spiritual figures. Whether describing the ferocity of David’s armies or the wisdom of Solomon, 1 Chronicles offers a rich exploration of life in ancient Israel.

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Origination Date

600-500 B.C.

Bible Book

Bible Position

13th Book

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Old Testament Position

13th Book

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the the Book of 1 Chronicles about?

The book of 1 Chronicles is a biblical text that recounts the history of the Hebrew people, beginning with the creation of the world and ending with events that occurred during the reign of King David.

The book also touches on various themes relating to faith and religious devotion, with an overarching sense of hope and trust in God always remaining at its core.

Who wrote 1 Chronicles?

1 Chronicles was written by an unknown biblical scholar who is believed to have been a scribe.

This individual was heavily influenced by the book of Ezra, as many of the stories and writings in 1 Chronicles can be found in Ezra as well.

When was 1 Chronicles written?

The book of 1 Chronicles is believed to have been written sometime in the late 6th or early 5th centuries BC.

How long is the book of 1 Chronicles?

The book of 1 Chronicles is the thirteenth book of the Bible and contains 29 chapters divided into 942 verses.

Who appears in the Book of 1 Chronicles?

There are many different biblical characters featured in the book of 1 Chronicles, including some familiar favorites and others that are less well known.

One of the most prominent characters is King David, who appears throughout the book as both a leader and a symbol of God’s grace.

Another important figure is Abigail, who shows strength and wisdom in her actions despite being married to a much older man.

Other notable figures include Elijah, who rises to fame after boldly confronting King Ahab; Bethsheba, whose adulterous affair with King David leads indirectly to the birth of Solomon; and Josiah, a young king who reigns over Judah at a time when it is under threat from foreign powers.

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