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The book of Judges is one of the central texts of the Old Testament, chronicling the period of time following the death of Moses and the founding of the nation of Israel. Within this volume, we find tales of tribal leaders stepping up to defend their people from external enemies and internal strife. These “judges” often invoke divine power to guide them in their battles, and many stories in this era focus on gods or other supernatural beings working in conjunction with human heroes to achieve victory.

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Origination Date

1045-1000 B.C.

Bible Book

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7th Book

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Old Testament Position

7th Book

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the the Book of Judges about?

The book of Judges is a collection of short narratives that explore the history of ancient Israel during a turbulent period known as the “Dark Ages.”

At this time, Israel was struggling to establish its independence after being freed from captivity in Egypt.

Divided into twelve distinct judges who ruled over different regions, the people were often wracked by war and violence.

The book of Judges reveals how the Israelites attempted to build a society based on divine law and religious principle, despite facing numerous obstacles and challenges along the way.

Who wrote Judges?

Authorship of the book of Judges is not explicitly stated in the text so many scholars believe that it was most likely written by a group of editors from various source documents.

These source documents represent traditions and oral histories that had been passed down through generations by various individuals and groups, including prophets, priests, army leaders, and others.

When was the Book of Judges written?

The book of Judges was likely written during the biblical era, sometime in the early to mid-first millennium BC.

This period of history saw significant religious and cultural changes taking place across the region, with new ideas and practices emerging from various schools of thought. Throughout this time period, the Hebrew bible became increasingly influential, serving as a touchstone for both theological and literary traditions.

Given this context, it is not surprising that the book of Judges was written during this time, as it reflects many of these shifting ideas and trends.

How long is the book of Judges?

The book of Judges is the seventh book of the Bible and contains 21 chapters divided into 618 verses.

Who appears in the Book of Judges?

In the book of Judges, there are many powerful and memorable characters that each play a unique role in shaping the course of events throughout the story.

One such character is Samson, a man with immense physical strength who uses his talents to defeat his enemies and protect the people of Israel.

Another important figure is Deborah, a prophetess who helps lead an army of Canaanite rulers against their common enemy, the mighty King Jabin.

In addition, there is Gideon, a young man chosen by God to lead his people in battle and rescue them from oppression.

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