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The Book of 2 Kings

The book of 2 Kings describes how multiple kings from ancient Israel dealt with conflict, rebellion, and oppression both inside and outside of their kingdoms. Throughout the text, we see glimpses of both political cunning and divine intervention as the various kings face their challenges. At its core, this book serves as a reminder that our choices have real consequences for both ourselves and those around us.

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850-720 B.C.

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12th Book

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12th Book

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the the Book of 2 Kings about?

The Book of 2 Kings is a canonical scripture from the Bible that tells the story of the rise and fall of various kings of ancient Israel and explores their relationships with the prophets who were sent by God to guide them.

Throughout the book, we see how events such as wars, social upheaval, and natural disasters impacted both the rulers and their subjects.

Who wrote 2 Kings?

The book of 2 Kings was written by an anonymous author who is believed to have been Jewish.

This author, or collection of authors, was very knowledgeable about the bible and clearly had a strong understanding of Judaic history, as evidenced by the fact that much of the book focuses on recounting the key events from this period.

In particular, 2 Kings is known for its detailed descriptions of kings and other powerful leaders during this time, including Hezekiah, Josiah, Ahab, Elijah, and Elisha.

When was 2 Kings written?

The book of 2 Kings is believed to have been written sometime in the 8th or 7th century BC.

This is based on a number of historical and textual clues, including the fact that it contains references to several key events from this period.

For example, there are numerous mentions of other biblical texts like the Genesis and Deuteronomy, as well as specific people and locations that are known to have existed during this time.

Additionally, some of the language used in 2 Kings also seems to suggest an Israelite rather than a Judean origin for the text.

How long is the book of 2 Kings?

The book of 2 Kings is the twelfth book of the Bible and contains 25 chapters divided into 719 verses.

Who appears in the Book of 2 Kings?

Throughout the book of 2 Kings, many key biblical figures make appearances and take center stage.

One such character is King Jehoiachin, who appears in the story of Nabuzardan, a Babylonian general. When Nabuzardan captures Jerusalem, he sets King Jehoiachin free, allowing him to return home to his kingdom.

Another prominent character in this section of the bible is Queen Esther, who plays a pivotal role in delivering her people from exile and mediating peace between the Jewish and Babylonian peoples.

Finally, we see Elijah being whisked away to heaven by a whirlwind, as he finally fulfills his destiny as a true servant of God.

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