Greater Things Than These // John 14:12

Greater things than Jesus?! That seems ridiculous, right? How could we do anything more miraculous or any greater than Jesus? But maybe great, doesn’t just mean in stature, but in number…

Think about our connectedness in the world today. With the click of a button, you can connect with people in other countries all over the world. On any given day you encounter people at work, the grocery store, your children’s sporting events, on a walking trail, at the library, and the list goes on. We have the ability today to be more connected than we have ever been.

There is no denying that we have the ability to reach the masses pretty easily in today’s world. If we believe that Jesus died for our salvation, that God’s love is deeper and wider than we can fathom, then we can do things, greater in number, than ever before. We can reach the dark corners of the earth and cast the light of God in them, and where light shines in the darkness, the darkness can never be the same.

If we go out into the world with the intention of spreading the news of Jesus and what He has done for us, our reach can be immeasurable. It can be difficult or even a little bit awkward to share what God has done in your life, especially with people whom you know do not believe. However, you don’t have to have all the perfect words at all the perfect times. You just have to have the intention and God will lead the way.

As you begin your week and you encounter people on a daily basis, God will provide ways for you to show how He has worked in your life to those who do not know Him.

We pray that we are able to use our connectedness for good, to spread the word of God, and do even greater things than have ever been done before.



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