Proverbs 18:1

An unfriendly man pursues selfishness, And defies all sound judgment.

Alternate Versions of Proverbs 18-1

A Conservative Version: Proverbs 18:1
He who desires to separate himself seeks excuses, and rages against all sound wisdom.

American Standard Version: Proverbs 18:1
He that separateth himself seeketh `his own' desire, And rageth against all sound wisdom.

Bible in Basic English: Proverbs 18:1
He who keeps himself separate for his private purpose goes against all good sense.

Darby English Bible: Proverbs 18:1
He that separateth himself seeketh [his] pleasure, he is vehement against all sound wisdom.

King James Version: Proverbs 18:1
Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.

King James Version (UK): Proverbs 18:1
Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeks and intermeddles with all wisdom.

Youngs Literal Translation: Proverbs 18:1
For `an object of' desire he who is separated doth seek, With all wisdom he intermeddleth.

Verses Related to Proverbs 18-1

Exodus 33:16
For how would people know that I have found favor in your sight, I and your people? Isn't it in that you go with us, so that we are separated, I and your people, from all the people who are on the surface of the earth?"

Proverbs 14:10
The heart knows its own bitterness and joy; He will not share these with a stranger.

Proverbs 15:22
Where there is no counsel, plans fail; But in a multitude of counselors they are established.

Proverbs 17:14
The beginning of strife is like breaching a dam, Therefore stop contention before quarreling breaks out.

Proverbs 20:3
It is an honor for a man to keep aloof from strife; But every fool will be quarreling.

Proverbs 20:19
He who goes about as a tale-bearer reveals secrets; Therefore don't keep company with him who opens wide his lips.

Proverbs 24:21
My son, fear Yahweh and the king. Don't join those who are rebellious:

Proverbs 26:17
Like one who grabs a dog's ears Is one who passes by and meddles in a quarrel not his own.