End Time Prayer Cover

Developing an arsenal of prayer is critical, especially in the end times. We need to be ready to pray scriptural prayers that build our faith in specific areas and keep us immune to the enemy’s lies.

With this in mind, I occasionally condense Bible verses on specific topics into simple prayers that I can pray daily. This week, the Lord impressed on me the need to pray the verses from 2 Thessalonians against deception, a key tactic of the Antichrist in the end times. Deception leads to hopelessness, but the Lord has given us specific promises of hope to carry us through difficult days.

Take time today to print or download Prayers for the End Times in the Subscriber Resource Library. It’s free with your subscription to His Inscriptions. I pray you’ll begin to use it daily to inoculate yourself against the fears and anxieties that come from the enemy’s lies! 

Deborah Perkins is the Author of How to Inherit Your Spiritual Promises: 5 Steps to Success. She loves to write about restoring life-giving communication with God. Visit her at His Inscriptions, or follow her on Twitter and Facebook today!



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