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Luke 8 – Spreading the Seed of God’s Word

Luke 8:15 //

I have to say … I love parables. They are the most practical, easy to understand form of bringing in the Bible truths–at least for me. They’re just genius ways of taking something that clearly confused people during Jesus’s time, and making it so matter-of-fact for all time. ALL TIME.

How crazy it is to have this literature, this book, this story, and have it be relevant for thousands of years.

In this parable of the sower, Jesus is describing the seed … AKA, God’s Word.

There is the seed along the path, which is what people have heard, but then it’s easily taken away by the enemy. Then there is the seed on the rock … which by all accounts seems sturdy. But there are no roots, and without roots, they fall away. The seed among the thorns … they hear the Word of God, but become enthralled in the world and fall away.

Lastly, is the good soil. The seed planted in the good soil is the same as the person who hears the Word of God, and holds tight to it, in their heart, and in their life.

It’s so important to check the type of habitat you are. I think we can all go through seasons of being a different type of “hearer,” but ultimately, we want to be the good soil. We want our lives and our actions and our words to reflect where the Word of God is planted in our hearts. We want to be stable and steady in our beliefs, grounded in the Truth.



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