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Luke 2–Dealing with Life’s Inconveniences

What an inconvenience, right?! You’re about to give birth and all the sudden you have to go on a journey of about 100 miles for a census. God could have chosen any way for His son to come to earth, but he chose to put Mary and Joseph in a difficult position where they would have to travel for days, they wouldn’t be able to find a place to stay, and ultimately they would welcome their firstborn son in a stable because they couldn’t find anywhere else to stay.

Think about the way that we react to inconveniences in our lives. We often begrudge them, get frustrated or impatient or angry. We sometimes even treat people poorly when we feel inconvenienced, complaining and spreading negativity.

But what if we chose to see the inconveniences in our lives, even the huge ones (because I would call what Mary and Joseph endured more than an inconvenience), as a message from God? What if we could try to remember that God uses the inconveniences in our lives to send a message to others, to communicate with us, to teach us things, and ultimately for the greater good.

Just like Mary and Joseph, sometimes the struggles that we go through lead to the greatest moments of our lives, we just have to be willing to travel the road, endure the journey, and trust that God is walking beside us.



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