Following God’s Call

If we believe God to be who He says He is, then how can we ever question if we have a purpose? But we question it for our whole lives basically. Most people wrestle with this at some point. Some people wrestle with it forever. Why am I here? Is there a purpose?

God could have chosen any place, any time, any era, any state, any country, any year, any moment for you to be alive. And He chose this moment. He chose this moment because you are meeting the people you are supposed to meet, you are encountering the people you are meant to serve, you are raising a generation of world changers in a world that is desperate for change.

I have always struggled with figuring out what my “thing” is in life. I am a mom and I definitely feel called to that role, but sometimes the gifts and talents that I have feel like a smorgasbord and nothing that truly fulfills a need. The older I get though, the more I am trying to listen to the places that God calls me and the things that pull on my heart because I know that that is God. Our existence is not a coincidence and it is not random. God has control over all space and time infinitely and He chose for you to be here in these exact moments as exactly who you are. He knew what would be happening in the world. He knew the chaos man would have created, and He knew that your voice was the one that the world would need.

We can’t keep quiet about the place where we feel God, either. If God knew that the world would need your voice in this moment, He sent you here to use it. We are called to speak up about injustice and sadness and pain. Our purpose  is undoubtedly connected to the time in which we are alive. There is something happening in the world, in your town, in your home, with your kids, with your friends that God has placed you on this earth to speak up about, to mobilize people for, to bring awareness to, to care about, or to change.

If you are unsure what your purpose is, keep letting God call you to the places big and small and near and far where you feel His presence. Listen for His voice. Pay attention to what pulls at you from the inside. God has placed you in this moment over the entire course of history and over the entire stretch of time laid out before you because the world needed exactly you.

I am not saying this is easy at all. I still search for the places that I hear God calling me. I am still skeptical that I am being called anywhere at all. But once we relax into knowing that God has set us down among the infinite stretch of space and time gently into this place, it is easier to just listen for His call.

God knew exactly who you would be and He knew that your voice would make a difference.



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