About Us

by Tim Seidler

In an increasingly connected world, the idea of gathering has taken on a new meaning. We are excited to gather with you here, to spend time together in God’s word, to become more connected and community-minded, to encourage one another, and to hopefully bring people who are far from Jesus home again, or maybe even home for the first time. Even though we might not be physically gathering as a community, we are still gathering as a community of Christ-followers, and we are so glad you’re joining us. Our mission is simple: love people like Jesus has abundantly loved us.

Originally hailing from a small town outside Chicago, Madison now lives in the suburbs of Seattle with her family. What started as a hobby book review blog, over time, transitioned into a full-time career in editing. While she’s made a living editing for and coaching writers, she’s also had the distinct honor of making zero money as the mom to Cohen and Sloan, but it’s been her most rewarding gig. Madison serves in her church, with both local and global missions, and loves connecting with people and encouraging them in whatever season they find themselves. She could spend the rest of her life learning, and is passionate about all things Jesus, fashion, coffee, words, and people.

Chelsea (Madison’s sister) lives just outside of Chicago where she and her husband, Danny, are raising their 4 kids. She is a full-time mom, first and foremost, but is also a freelance editor, a college professor, and a communications champion for a performing arts center. Chelsea loves to use her knowledge of words and writing to connect with people, encourage them, and help them strengthen and deepen their faith. In the midst of raising kids, working, and running a household, it is so easy to lose sight of what matters. Chelsea hopes to encourage moms, working professionals, and young people along their unique journeys of faith.

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